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5 Things You Didn’t Know When Choosing an Event Venue

The venue you choose can make or break your event. Suppose you’re having a corporate party and choose the local armory. In that case, your attendees will be bored, and that’s not good for business! Or maybe you have a romantic wedding in the middle of nowhere at an outdoor location. Your guests feel like they’re stranded with no way to get home, which is not suitable for anyone! You want to find a venue that follows the Goldilocks checklist- making sure it is just right

There are many considerations when choosing an event venue. Hosting an amazing event with your friends and family can be a big responsibility and you want everything to be perfect! It’s helpful to look around before booking anything, so we included everything you need to know all in one place. 

Finding the Right Destination 

During any occasion, the location sets the tone. If you are hosting a networking or social event, you want to make sure the place appeals to the guest you hope to invite or attract. Perhaps you already have some ideas in mind, like open space for dancing or appropriate lighting. Try to align the purpose of your gathering or celebration with the location’s environment. Once you have a good idea of the atmosphere you want during your event, finding the perfect venue includes one that offers even the smallest details. Making sure the location meets your aesthetic desire can leave your guest in awe. 

Give Some Wiggle Room 

Capacity is one of the most important factors when choosing the right venue. Before booking a venue, check the capacity limits on their website or other methods of contact. Outside of the number of guests, you want to consider decor such as tabiling and seating arrangements that could affect the capacity of the location. Make your guests, and yourself, feel comfortable with good elbow space throughout the event. 

Be Smarter with Your Budget 

Saving time and money is a bonus. I understand the stress that comes with hosting an event, so making it easier for your budget options is the number one priority. But you don’t want to book an event space that could cost you more later if the venue doesn’t offer some features that you are looking for. A pro tip is searching for the right place that is within budget without sacrificing the ambiance of your big celebration. Some popular venue features are a women’s and men’s suite, a bar area, and a spacious dance floor for all the fun! 

Parking and Transportation 

So, you have the dream venue, but what about parking? It’s probably a good idea to not leave it up to guest creativity or force them to walk an uncomfortable distance. Here are some suggestions for parking accommodations that can adapt to your venue location: 

  • Sometimes the work can be done for you! Try recommending parking apps to your guests before arrival. This is a great way to find affordable and accessible parking that doesn’t cause headaches. 
  • Transportation options can be limited, but collaborations are limitless! You can make a deal with local parking spaces or garages that are in close proximity to your venue location. 
  • If parking is included in your venue selection, make your guests aware of the parking areas by providing a map or label designated spots as “reserved.” This makes it easier for your guests to navigate and makes them feel a little more special. 
  • Your venue should be accessible for all of your guests. Depending on the purpose of your event, perhaps you can add valet parking. This avoids the hassle of parking- for you and your guests- which gives more time to enjoy the festivities! 

Benefits of Amenities and Services 

Are there some things your venue can cover for you? Take a closer look at extra amenities that come with booking the right venue. Some amenities and services can include:

  • A/V equipment: Renting or buying A/V equipment is expensive. It’s pretty helpful to save coins when your event venue already has lighting, TV screens, microphones, and video equipment ready for you to use. If so, the venue will most likely offer the equipment as part of a packaged deal.
  • Tables and chairs: Similar to technology, providing your own tables and chairs means more money and work for you. But don’t worry, most venues already have these amenities in place. 
  • Catering: Suppose you plan on providing food to your guests. You can either contract with an outside catering service or take advantage of your venue’s catering, if available. In addition, you want to ensure there is ample space for food, beverages, and other equipment related to catering services.

Find the Venue that Speaks to You 

Now that you’ve checked off some essential considerations when selecting the right venue, check out how The Officer Club meets all your personal and professional event needs. 

How to Book a Venue for an Event

Booking a venue for an event can be a daunting task, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. However, with the right approach, it can be a smooth and rewarding process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to book a venue for an event:

1. Understand Your Event Needs

Before you start looking for a venue, it’s important to have a clear understanding of your event needs. This includes the type of event you’re hosting, the number of attendees, the preferred date and time, and any specific requirements such as audio/visual equipment, catering, or parking. Having a clear picture of your needs will help you narrow down your venue options and make the booking process more efficient.

2. Research and Shortlist Potential Venues

Once you have a clear understanding of your event needs, start researching potential venues. You can do this online, through word-of-mouth recommendations, or by hiring an event planner. Look for venues that align with your event’s purpose and aesthetic, have the necessary capacity, and are within your budget. Shortlist a few venues that meet your criteria for further consideration.

3. Visit the Venues

After shortlisting potential venues, arrange to visit them in person. This will give you a better feel for the space and allow you to assess whether it meets your needs. Pay attention to the layout, ambiance, accessibility, and available amenities. Don’t forget to ask about any restrictions or additional charges that may apply.

4. Compare and Negotiate

Once you’ve visited the shortlisted venues, compare them based on your event needs and budget. Consider the pros and cons of each venue and how they align with your event goals. Once you’ve made your choice, negotiate the terms and conditions with the venue. This could include pricing, cancellation policies, and any additional services you may require.

5. Book the Venue

After you’ve negotiated the terms, it’s time to book the venue. This usually involves signing a contract and paying a deposit. Make sure you read the contract carefully and understand all the terms before signing. Once the venue is booked, you can start planning the rest of your event.

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