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Traveling With Baggage

What are the size and weight limits for checked bags?

Including handles and wheels, the most a standard checked bag can measure (length + width + height) on the outside is 62 inches. Weight is dependent upon your cabin and premier status at check-in.

What do I do with my claim check?

For each checked bag, you will receive a claim check. These act as receipts and you should keep them handy until you collect all of your checked bags at your final destination.

What happens if my bag is delayed?

You should report your bag delayed immediately and we will search for it. You can track your bag at or talk to a representative. Keep your receipt as your baggage file reference number is on it.

My bag looks damaged, what do I do?

Your bag could show signs of wear because of normal handling, but you should know we are not responsible for damages noticed due to:

An existing defect with the bag

The bags poor quality

Overpacking the bag

Ordinary wear and tear

You should contact the TSA contact center at 1-86-289-9673 if your items were damaged from a security screening.

How do I know if my bags are oversized or overweight?

Bags that measure more than 115 inches are considered oversized. Overweight bags are considered to be anything that exceeds 100 pounds. We waive this limit for musical instruments and assistive devices.

I have extra bags, what do I do?

We will only accept extra bags if there is space available on the aircraft; we accept all assistive devices for free.

I’m going to Disney World. Can my bags be sent to my resort?

Certain vacation packages at Disney include bag delivery directly from Orlando to the resort. If your travel is eligible, you will receive a barcoded Disney bag tag from the vacation package provider.

How do service charges for checked bags affect the carry-on policy?

The policy does not impact the carry-on policy. All customers except those traveling Basic Economy are allowed a single carry-on bag and one personal item.

What is the measurement limit for a standard check bag?

Including wheels and handles, 62 inches is the max size allowed for a checked bag.

What is the maximum weight limit for my bag?

For Economy flights, the weight per checked bag is 50 pounds. For United Business, First, and Polaris business class, the limit is 70 pounds.

Are service charges for checked bags per person?

Yes, for example, a family of 5 traveling on the same reservation will be charged for each of their first bags checked. One each, per person.

If my flight is canceled, do I get a refund?

You are eligible for a refund for checked bag service charges when you involuntarily do not travel. This refund can be requested by email, phone, or regular mail. Visit our refunds page for more details.